Building Lifetime Relationships

About Us

The Gothong Southern Properties is a real estate and property management company, under the Gothong Southern Group.  We develop residential, tourism, commercial and industrial properties and deliver topnotch quality developments that are innovative, safe, functional and livable, nurturing the lives of our customers in years to come.

Building homes. We ensure homes are safe and secured for those who matter to our customers. We build it to last through generations.

Building neighborhood. We ensure each homes are inter-connected to everyone and to life’s conveniences. We build a thriving, living community.

Building experiences. We ensure our services are beyond expectations to delight our customers. We build the best memories.


Gothong Southern Properties, a real estate developer and property management company aims to deliver innovative quality products and services that exceed beyond customer experience.



Gothong Southern Properties exists in building lifetime relationships through passion, innovation and excellence.


We believe in the GS Properties mission.  We exist in building lifetime relationships through passion, innovation and excellence.

We believe in safety and security as we value life and property.

We believe in customer care by catering the needs of our customers through generations.

We believe in innovation and connectivity by ensuring the ease of access through creating efficient and climate initiative designs.

We believe in bayanihan spirit by sharing our time and talent to help each other in the community and the environment.

We believe in excellence by providing value for money and timely delivery of superior products and services.

We believe in Palabra de Honor by doing what we say and saying what we do.

That as members of Gothong Southern Properties, we value our contribution and take personal responsibility for the fulfillment of our purpose.

We believe.



Building lifetime relationships with our customers is our reason for being.  Through passion, innovation & excellence, we strive to fulfill the needs of our customers across generations and ensure an experience that exceeds their expectations and in return, rewarding the company with sustainable success.

Our immutable commitment to quality is guided by the following principles:

Innovation, Design & Connectivity

Our strategic intent to differentiate ourselves has led us to imbibe a culture that encourages innovative thoughts which allow us to design & create livable spaces that speak and connect to its occupants.

Timely deliveries of products and services

By doing the right thing at the right time, we deliver our products and services within our committed timelines.

Competitive Pricing

By being timely and cost effective at every phase of our development activities -- from design to implementation, we are able to deliver superior products and services at prices that are well within reach of our customers.

High Performance Construction Coordination

We seek and prioritize innovative processes, technologies and methodologies in the deployment of our activities to ensure that we are able to significantly advance our productivity and competitiveness.

Superior Finishing Works

Our team of designers, builders, & QTeam closely collaborate to produce the finest finishing works, giving each of our products that "immaculate look" that will surely delight our customers.

Safety & Security Culture

We value life & property and as such every member of the organization embraces a culture of safety and secutiry and demand no less from our partners.

Community Integration

We value the unique character of the surroundings in each of our developments and take every opportunity to ensure that such character is enhanced and integrated into the communities we build.

Environment Sensitivity

We take great care in ensuring that our products and services are not disruptive to the natural environment by continuously and systematically improving our awareness and knowledge of environmental conditions affecting the communities we build and manage.

Compliance to Codes & Regulations

By strictly adhering to codes, laws, regulations and guidelines governing the industry we serve, we are able to establish a high level relationship & promote cooperation with concerned government agencies.


Lifetime Relationship Management (LRM)

To ensure that the building of lifetime relationship is handled well, the LRM group is created.  This group creates and maintains strategies and initiatives to ensure a LIFETIME RELATIONSHIP through generation to customers, guests, tenants and partners.